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Lifestand LSA Helium

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Lifestand LSA Helium
Manufacturer: Permobil

  • Light weight magnesium frame with titanium tubes & carbon components.
  • With dual-component kneepads & an adjustable chestbelt, the standing position is comfortable & safe.
  • Features a reclining and folding backrest and an adjustable depth seat.
  • Gas struts assist standing and reduce force necessary to lift user.

Lifestand LSA Helium

The Lifestand LSA Helium is a stand up wheelchair designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This is a manually propelled, manual standing wheelchair. The user lifts him- or herself to a standing position by grabbing the standing mechanism handles and using the same motion that propels the chair forward, with assistance from a hydraulic cylinder system which is adjusted to the individual's weight. The LSA Helium is made for active people. The seat and backrest are pre-adjusted to the user's weight & height for a perfect fit. It is lightweight, offers good adjustability and customized positioning. Take advantage of the health benefits of standing and greater independence.

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